Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Been A Great Day...Why? Because I Made It One!

Psalm 113:9b
"...and be a joyful mother of children..."

"It's going to be a GREAT day because I'm going to make it one."  That is how I began my day this morning.  Sun wasn't shining!  It's blistering cold outside!  The laundry was overflowing out of the hamper!  The kitchen wasn't spotless!  School needed to get done...snow or no snow! So I decided to make TODAY a GREAT day and it has been!

I LOVE the JOY of being a wife and mother!  This morning I decided in order to make it a GREAT day I was going to get some things done and I was going to FIND JOY in doing them.  (most of these you have to look for the JOY to find it :-) because it's work that just almost DAILY repeats itself!

Joy #1:  Wash ALL bed sheets (which with 7 people in the house that adds up and makes for a long day in itself)  I thought, "It's snowing and SO SO cold outside.  What would be better than ending the day tucked in fresh sheets for the night?"  ( I love a fresh bed and REALLY love it because I use Quiver Scentsy Washer Whiffs on sheets and towels.  So when you move the sheets you get a whiff of Quiver scent.  Check it out at ! :-)

Joy #2:  Wash ALL regular laundry since the hamper was overflowing!  The majority of the time I do not DARE do bedsheets and comforters the same day as regular laundry but today I chose to do it all!

Joy #3:  Encouraged the girls along in their school.  Today would have been a great snow day to take BUT we've had many 'snow days' when it was actually pretty outside.  I appreciate their willingness, without arguing--for once :-), and jumping right in and doing their work.  (Makes for a REALLY happy mom)

Joy #4:  My hubby came home early from work and then went back out in the cold with the two older girls to go get groceries while 2 of the younger ones stayed with me and we had craft time

Joy #5:  I spent some time reading on PRAYER this morning and blogging!  It's always a GREAT day when you begin the day with the Lord.  As I end today, I pray I'll always remember to thank HIM for health and strength to do ALL the many JOYS of being a wife and mother.

Joy #6:  What about the blessing of diapers and cuddling with a baby?  I really thought those days were over but God had other plans and placed a desire in our hearts for more children. (I'm pretty sure this one is our last :-)  so I'm enjoying EVERY diaper, and EVERY feeding where I just have to sit and watch the chores pile up because ONE DAY these days will be a thing of the past.

Joy #7:  God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and five precious daughters.  Who could ask for more?  That is enough for ANY day to be a GREAT day.

So how was YOUR day?  Was it a GREAT DAY?  Some days aren't going to be as great as others but somedays it's just a matter of our ATTITUDE and today I chose to have the ATTITUDE of having a great day and finding JOY in all I did today!

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