Friday, January 25, 2013

No Decision Made WITHOUT PRAYER Commitment

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Here lately I've been doing LOTS of praying!  Overnight it seemed we were bombarded with LOTS of decisions to make and I'll be the FIRST to admit  I DO NOT like making decisions!  I don't like to have lots of OPTIONS placed before me.  Instantly I will be overcomed with LOTS of anxiety and fear.  (my hubby can testify to this one :-) Whereas, he could jump head first into a pile of decisions and it wouldn't bother him a bit :-)  --- I'm thankful OPPOSITES do attract :-)

This week I picked up a book I've had entitled, THE HEART OF A WOMAN WHO PRAYS by Elizabeth George.  Last night, I was reading the chapter When You Must Make A Decision!  Yeap...we've been faced with many decisions.  We've had our house on the market for almost 3-4 years (basically since right before the market hit rock bottom) and though we've had house showings etc, we have NEVER gotten this far to a contract coming our way anyday now.  Let me just be honest, I CRIED when we got the phone call that they wanted it but on the flip side I was HAPPY because this is what we've been wanting for YEARS!  (Yes, I'm a true woman :-) emotions swinging from one extreme to the other lol)  Of coarse, in the midst of it all, my hubby was quiet confused and we had some pretty 'intense' moments :-)  This is what we've wanted and yet now I'm crying :-)

So, after 'venting' a little bit of my frustration out about some of the details that were discussed, I decided that the LORD can handle things better than I can and our home will be MUCH MORE peaceful if I'll just give ALL my anxiety, ALL my fear, ALL my frustrations, ALL my excitement to the LORD!  He KNOWS what is best anyways, right? 

While reading this book, the MAIN point that got my attention was -- NO DECISION MADE WITHOUT PRAYER commitment!  I love this one.  The surest way to miss God's Will and God's best is to NOT pray--to not even pause, pray and ask Him.  And the surest way TO BE SURE you discover God's Will is TO PRAY!

How many times do we just jump and make a decision without praying?  I'm not necessarily speaking of BIG decisions  but what about the small ones?  I got a phone call yesterday asking the girls to sing on a couple different dates for something during the weekdays.  Initially I thought, "Sure, we'll do it.  We can make time to do that,."  I never got around to returning the phone call and I discussed it with my husband and he didn't see a big deal about it BUT then I remembered that during my 'bedrest' time while pregnant, God allowed me to be placed there to show me some things.  One was being TOO OVERLY committed to outside the home activities (including my Scentsy :-) to the point that I was SO exhausted trying to be 'super woman' that I would take my frustration out on those in our home because I COULDN'T conquer it all.  So last night when I read this I thought, "You know that's a small thing (making a commitment to sing) BUT if I haven't prayed about it then I am wrong."  So, I'm praying and asking the Lord what He'd have us do.  (Just like I'm praying right now if I should keep my FB page.  I am spending less time on there BUT when I am sitting with the baby I find myself grabbing my phone when I could use that time to spend more time in God's Word or read a good book and that's DEFINATELY more beneficial than FB)  Now Pinterest???? That's definately worth it :-)  If you've not ventured over to Pinterest, I'd suggest NOT doing it!  It's VERY addicting BUT if you're spending a lot of time on FB, I STRONGLY encourage you to check it out.  You'll have a MUCH happier day :-)

I have a notebook I write down quotes or helpful thoughts I come across and in one of the sections I am going to start a NO DECISION MADE WITHOUT PRAYER Commitment page.  When  a decision comes up, I'll write it down and pray about it before just jumping in and saying "YES" or "NO"!  I want GOD's WILL in EVERYTHING I matter how GREAT or how small!

With the big decision of our home possibly selling, when I begin to get anxious and worry about all the details and my husband just takes everything like a grain of salt which almost frustrates me sometimes(I wish I was 1/2 of what he is----cool as a cucumber :-) then I just begin to pray, "Lord, this is in YOUR Hands.  I want YOUR will.  If it's not YOUR will, we can do everything humanly possible to 'make this work' BUT if it's NOT your will, then please put a 'road block' up and don't allow us to make a decision that's not YOUR will."  When I pray and give it to the Lord, then I leave feeling light. I've left my burden or concern with the Lord. Now, let's be honest, I'll find myself beginning to carry that concern again and what do I have to do?  PRAY AGAIN! and ask HIM to help me!

I'm thankful that HE is always there to listen!  He's NEVER busy!  He understands!  He wants what is best for us and all we have to do is PRAY and ask HIM to guide and direct our paths!  God is so good and I'm so thankful for the privilege we have to take EVERYTHING to God in prayer!   So no matter what YOU are facing today, whether GREAT or small, take it to the Lord in prayer!  Ask HIM for wisdom and guidance! 

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