Monday, March 4, 2013

Learning To Pray Specifically

I must be honest that recently I've just really started praying being SPECIFIC in my request.  I'm not sure if it was a sermon or a devotional I came across or a book I was reading but recently I heard/read of how we should be VERY specific in our prayer life.  Most of us probably just pray very 'general' but by my praying specifically I've seen the Lord work in some marvelous ways lately.

Yes, after 3-4 years of our house being on the market, our house FINALLY 'sold'.  We won't officially close until next spring but everything has been handled in a 'legal' way.  I won't discuss details on how all that worked out but let's just say it was the Lord.    Two christian sisters purchased our home and have went out of their way to make sure we are well protected on the complete sale of the home.

BUT I will discuss some of my desires that I wanted. 

CUL-DE-SAC or dead end street:  I wanted to move to a place where the girls could still ride their bikes and I wouldn't have to worry about so much traffic.  GUESS WHAT?  God answered that prayer.  We lived in a cul-de-sac and where we moved is the same.  Now this may seem silly but again let me remind you that I'm trying to learn to pray SPECIFICALLY and about EVERYTHING. 

STORAGE:  Yeap, we've accumulated A LOT of stuff :-) and with my Scentsy business I try to keep alot of items on hand as well and I certainly didn't want to have to run to a storage unit everytime someone needed something BUT up to a certain point, all we found for rent we'd HAVE to get a storage unit.   Then I posted on FB if anyone knew of a house for rent in our area to let us know.  WELL, sure enough either that day or the day before a lady on my FB page was confronted by someone at her work that said "If you know of anyone looking for a house to rent, we have one etc."  So she relayed the message to me.  I passed the info on to hubby and in the mean time I didn't know until he got home that he'd called and she wanted to show the house to us that night.  When he got home he told me how she wanted us to come over that night but he would have to check with me to see if that would work.  I looked at him and said "There is NO way we can afford that place.  I found a picture of it online."  WELL, to my amazement he told me what she was asking and I about fell over.  NOW, that was one of those days that I call a lazy PJ day.  I had gotten out of bed, we'd done school and that was about all I'd done that day :-) and I certainly hadn't planned on leaving the house that day.   I quickly said, "You call her and tell her we can be there in 30 minutes. :-)"  Talk about a QUICK make-over :-)  I did it :-)

THE DOG:  Our precious Lilly Anne, our black lab (papers and all--she's been to doggie school; doggie daycare; well trained lab given to us by a lady at my hubby's work a couple years ago) had to go as the landlord wouldn't allow any animals (even though she's an outdoor dog). That was a BIGGIE! We DID NOT want to give her up completely but knew it would be next to impossible to find someone that would 'adopt' her until we get our house built. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED ONCE AGAIN? As we sat around our kitchen table with the realtor (and the owners of the land we purchsed) she spoke up and said "Well, why not let us take her until you get your house built and then you can have her back?" REALLY?? Are you serious? Okay, this is JUST A DOG...does GOD REALLY CARE?? Well, I'm sorry but I would have to say HE DOES because that prayer was answered and we didn't even have to ask anyone. He brought them to us. 

LOCATION:  I really didn't want to be far out in the country but to find something in our price range it seemed we had to be a good ways out.  WELL, we are closer to town...I mean I am like a mile from the GW shop (if you don't know what that's where you go when someone pays a bunch of money for something, wears it a few times and passes it on so I only have to pay a few dollars for it) :-)  I'm not sure that's a good thing or not but it makes for a quick retail therapy trip!

CATASTROPHE:  My hubby was so devasted when SOMEHOW my great grandmothers dresser which we had sanded and painted to make it look VERY nice just SUDDENLY flew off the side of his truck while moving.  First of all, I'm thankful no one got hurt.  It landed in a yard and went into a zillion pieces :-(  I knew he was SO devasted because as we loaded it I talked about how old it was and how it was my great grandmothers etc.  I didn't cry and really didn't get's a dresser and no one got hurt so I was thankful for that.  BUT just this morning, someone called and is giving us a dresser (white) and it's a little bigger.  I hadn't even prayed about that.  I just thought we'll make do for now with what we got but GOD CARES! 

GOD HEARS AND ANSWERS PRAYER so learn to be SPECIFIC in your prayer life.  It's so encouraging to see how GOD works and HOW HE CARES about EVERYTHING in our life!

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