Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Heart Committed To Prayer - Part I Prayer Changes EVERY Aspect Of Life

Well, before you know it we'll be celebrating Valentine's Day. In the coming weeks, I hope to post several devotional thoughts with a heart theme. This week we will look at "A Heart Committed To Prayer"!

Luke 18:1 "And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;"

Let's quickly look at some quotes on prayer:

Prayer reaches up to heaven, and brings heaven down to earth. There is an inner calm which comes to him who prays, and an outer calm as well.

God may be out of sight, but He is certainly not out of reach: He is only a prayer away. - C.W.H.

True prayer should be a way of life, not just a case of emergency.

Some folks are like the little boy who, when asked by his pastor if he prayed every day, replied, "No, not everyday. Some days I don't want anything."

Nothing is discussed more and practiced less than prayer.

As Christian ladies, we have the wonderful privelege to pray to our Heavenly Father. Prayer is a gift from God for OUR benefit. So many times, we may find ourselves letting that privelege lay to the side unless of coarse there's an 'emergency' and we desperately need God. Ladies, we NEED God every second of every day. We NEED to have a DAILY 'heart-to-heart' time with our Heavenly Father.

Today we will look at: Prayer Changes EVERY Aspect Of Life

Prayer changes marriages, homes, children, friendships, jobs, health, financial issues...and on and on we could go. Prayer has certainly changed our home. Without prayer I honestly don't believe my husband and I would be together today enjoying life with four precious children God has so graciously blessed us with. Without prayer, I don't think we'd been able to gotten through some very hard financial issues. Without prayer, I certainly don't believe our daughter would be doing as well as she is with her Crohn's---and we certainly give God all the glory for HIS intervention. Without prayer, I don't think I could make it some days as a mother and wife...or even a Christian. Without prayer, I believe we can see where our nation is a whole without prayer in our schools. The lack of prayer definately has brought about change. Isn't it amazing...this thought just came to me...with prayer things can change...but without prayer things can change as well--and not for the better as we see in our nation. I believe when we lay prayer aside and choose not to use that privelege we are only adding more burdens and troubles to what we are already facing.

Ladies, have you taken time to pray today? Have you asked the Lord to intervene on someone's behalf -- whether it be spiritually, physically, emotionally? PRAYER WORKS...and PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!!! We may have to pray a few weeks, months, or even years --- but prayer changes things so DON'T GIVE UP!!!!

Part II we'll look at "Prayer Reminds Us God Is ALWAYS Near."

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Great article! I'm going to highlight these this week on my devotions blog. Since I've been sick I haven't had the ability to sit down and write anything, this will be great!

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