Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Part III - Joy In The Rewards

Isn't it rewarding to be a mom? Now, we are going to have to make ourselves look past the point of being exhausted 24/7 - the endless laundry when we may only find a 10 cent 'tip' left in the washer; the dishes that dirty quicker than we can get them cleaned; the dust that collects faster than we can collect it; let's put all that STUFF - it's only stuff - aside and look at the joy in the rewards.

Not long ago our 2nd daughter - on one of those "not-so-good" mommy days, wrote me a precious note! I even took a picture of it as I can't keep everything!

Those homemade cards put Hallmark to shame! My precious hubby has even started making cards for me - I guess for atleast a year or two. Some may think that's a cheap way out but he sure puts more thought into what he says than spending one minute in the card section giving me "Hallmarks" emotions! If I could only share some of the sweetness (for which I won't) he could probably start his own card making business!

Our "baby" who is 2 1/2 is doing the most precious thing right now. I'll say, "How much do you love mommy?" She will then swing her arms out as wide as she can and say "Dis much"! The other day she had a nose fetish - she wanted to keep touching noses!

A few nights ago our oldest three daughters were in the kitchen busy cleaning it up (and they did an excellent job). Meanwhile, my hubby and I were watching a program on retirement! Before we knew it, we were presented with specially designed brown lunch bags with fresh popcorn in them.

Then came a glass of iced tea!

Now, was it perfect think they put the tea bags in for only a short period of time so it was WEAK but they sure didn't lay off the sugar...

it was FILLED with sugar. But we smiled and sipped our EXTRA SWEET watery TEA! It was the thought that was so precious which made the tea delicious! Then after that, they came with their lotions and massaged our feet. In fact, I got so much lotion that when I got up I about slipped!

There is no doubt about it, being a mother is exhausting and sometimes you may feel like you do, and do, and do, and do...and where's my 'pat on the back'? A lot of times, there is no 'pat on the back' just MORE WORK for the WORK you just did. I believe though, as a testimony, we can and should be able to find JOY in the midst of it ALL!

One of my greatest desires is to one day hear our daughters say what is in Proverbs 31:28 "Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her."

No matter what today may bring your way, with the Lord's help and His added strength, I believe we can FIND JOY IN THE MIDST OF IT ALL!!


Amanda said...

What sweet girls!

Amanda said...

What sweet girls!

CalvaryGirl said...

Well, we already know you got some sweet girls but it sure is nice when they show it to you in special ways, isn't it? It's in those moments we are able to breath a little deeper and rejoice in the Lord allowing us to see we've done "something" right down the road somewhere (at least that's how I feel,lol)

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