Friday, March 20, 2009

Dress em' Up Brownies

Last night we had a ladies fellowship at our church so I decided to take the easy route and do brownies. (I put my effort into preparing the rest of the family a 'real' meal instead of hotdogs or sandwiches) Well, once the brownies were done, I thought "These are about as plain as can be!" So I dressed em' up a little and they turned out delicious.

I baked the brownies as pkg directions. Then once they cooled a little, I sprinkle pecans, cut up cherries, caramel syrup and added some GREAT TASTING Pampered Chef Sweet Mocha Hazelnut Sprinkle...this stuff is delicious! (Course I sell Pampered Chef so I wouldn't say any differently right?)

Well, once I got the brownies all dressed up the girls just were wanting one so bad so I thought, I'll cut them and put them on another platter and no one will know some are missing for my precious little girls. Well, upon cutting them...let's just say my 'dressed up brownies' looked pretty pathetic. So, I just got my medium cookie dough scoop and started scooping the brownies out and forming them into balls. They were a hit...and I got to leave some of them home for the dearest of them precious family!

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CalvaryGirl said...

Ahhhhhh you sneaky thing! I hate I missed the fellowship. J was out of town that night. I'm missing all sorts of things these days :o/ I'll have to remember the scoop idea. I always love getting the brownies at the fellowships, I can't make good brownies. They don't taste the same as other people's. It's kind of like the gummy bears in my class. A parent said their kid won't eat gummies at home but they talk about how good they are when they come from the 3 yo class, LOL!!

Check out this brownie recipe. I want to try this! If it works, I will be thrilled *g* What do you think?

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