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Part I - Joy To Serve (Finding Joy In The Midst Of It ALL)

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Intro. to Finding Joy In The Midst Of It All Series
Ladies, if we are not careful, between spilled milk, dirty diapers, 3 meals a day (plus snack time), and endless laundry--we will loose sight of the significance of our calling. DID YOU CATCH THAT? The SIGNIFICANCE of our calling. I don't believe - no matter what the 'world' may say - that God looks at the homemaking 'career' as a low calling. No, I believe being a homemaker is a VERY high and noble calling.

God's Will for my life is to be a helpmeet to my husband and to care for our children - of course God's Will is NOT limited to just those 2 areas - but that's where our focus is for now.

Since it's God's Will for me to be those 2 things (among others), how should I go about doing HIS Will? How did Christ go about doing the Father's Will? Psalm 40:8a says, "I delight to do thy will". Christ didn't dread to do God's Will, Christ DELIGHTED in doing God's Will! Christ being our ultimate example - we should DELIGHT to do God's Will for our life as well not entering each day dreading it's endless task as a wife and mother.

This morning I got up extra early to prepare my hubby some breakfast to take to his work. They are having a big breakfast and everyone pitches in. Now, I must be honest...I really would have loved to just slept in a few more minutes BUT I feel like I have accomplished so much just by going the extra mile to make something homemade instead of him just running by and grabbing a bag of donuts. (He had already mentioned how there would probably be lots of donuts and muffins) We should DELIGHT and find joy in being our husbands help meet!

Look up the following Scriptures: Gen. 1:26-31; Gen. 2:18; Gen. 2:7-25; I Cor. 11:8-9

How did the Proverbs 31 lady serve? Proverbs 31:13b says, "...and worketh willingly with her hands." She did her many task 'willingly'.

We need to be cheerful and eager to serve our family. Just as Christ delighted to do God's Will, we should delight to do what God has called each of us to do and do it with JOY in our hearts.

Find Joy in the midst of it ALL today. Let me remind you, you may just have to search for the joy when it seems all is crashing in on you. I am MORE THAN looking forward to summer break since I homeschool. If there's one area I struggle with in keeping the JOY where it belongs is the endless task of homeschooling. The other day I was thinking (when I sort of started having a little pity party for myself) that I have a lot to be joyful about---the Lord has enabled me the ability (not that I am real smart) but I have the ability to homeschool; I have the physical strength to do my daily task; I have a wonderful supportive husband. If I really want to find JOY, it's there. I just have to take my focus off of me and put it onto others whom the Lord has put in my life to care for and know that I am fulfilling God's Will for my life! There is no other way to have true JOY except it be in God's Will!

Part II - Joy To Guide

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